Teaching Testimonials

On-Line Teaching Testimonials

Mrs M – “....is loving her singing lessons. I’m so glad we found you!!”
Mrs P – “The lesson was super, you ooze enthusiasm and I can see ....... soaking it up!”
Mrs J – “.... She really enjoyed her lesson yesterday and it was lovely to hear her singing!”
Mrs C – “....That was awesome!”
Mrs F.....” ....has very much enjoyed being able to carry on with her singing lessons (although a very different approach) it has been some much needed normality”.
Mrs P....” It has been a great adaptation to the circumstances ... and a highlight of each Covid week for my daughter”
Mrs M....”Thank you so much for all your hard work with ......., she genuinely loves her lessons with you!”
Mrs P...” I just wanted to say that you give my daughter so much more than just a singing lesson. She comes into the kitchen after her lesson with the biggest smile on her face and she is just so happy for the rest of the day... so thank you.”
Mrs B...” Thank you very much for the brilliant lessons over the lockdown this term. They have been a highlight of our weeks of homeschooling and it has been lovely to be able to listen in on her lessons! I have learned a lot from you as well! 🙂
Mrs S...Thank you for inspiring my children!

"I am on the path of becoming a singing teacher for a local theatre school and came across Donna. I was pretty nervous to start with but she put me at ease from day one, offering such good advice but more importantly gaining confidence in my own ability as a singer. She is; and continues to teach me techniques that I can use for my own personal development.

I have learned so much from Donna that I have incorporated into my teaching and I look forward to taking forward and learning more from Donna as time progresses. I actually can't thank you enough Donna! "

- Mrs A

"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates – the great teacher inspires. Thank you for inspiring me!"
– A

"Thank you so much for being an AMAZING singing teacher! My confidence was so low but you made me believe I could do it, and now I can look forward to it as a career! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform in the Concert and I look forward to more in the future!"
– L

"Thank you for all your help and inspiration. It was a fantastic day and I enjoyed singing and it did make them cry – thanks again”
– G

"Dear Donna-Marie, just a little note to say a BIG thank you for all you have done to support my child over the last 6 months – the result is a credit to you both!"
– C